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business principles – the way we work

The foundation of Industmarine is built upon five business principles.

Added value for customers

Industmarine has built up a reputation primarily on the strength of supplying high-quality products. Yet, more significantly, we strive towards giving customers the best value for their money.

Through helping customers simplify their business and technical processes, we aim to improve the efficacy of these processes to the end of generating higher levels of productivity and significant cost savings.

Sustainability – for you, for us, for the future

The impact of the actions of businesses in the energy and marine sector on the environment cannot be understated.

Industmarine is committed to innovating and refining clean technologies – this not only ensures a more responsible use of precious natural resources but in so doing warrants a more sustainable business future for our customers, as well as the industry in general.


Today, business transactions are no longer simply that.

Trust has become an enduring component in driving the risk-taking that leads to innovative behaviour in business communities. By wholeheartedly committing to our customers and partners and conducting our business in an open and above-board manner, we want to be the ones that partners and customers turn to for all their needs.

Knowing we have your trust is immensely gratifying, and is exactly what we intend to develop a bright communal future for the industry.

Social issues

Like the environment, people has become more particular about the social impact of business practices.

Industmarine respects the rights of the employees and communities in which we live and support. We have, for instance, a strict policy against forced or compulsory labour. Because the industry is characterised by the collaboration of diverse cultures, we are always mindful of any cultural or social difference that may arise in the course of our work.


The unpredictability of today’s global business environment means that those well-equipped to deal with contingencies will be better poised to succeed.

Industmarine has the competencies and dexterity to accommodate our customers’ ever-changing needs, at a short notice. We ensure that no unforeseen occurrence will be overly detrimental to our customers’ productivity, or that no gilt-edged opportunities are missed due to poor receptivity.
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Industmarine Engineers’ continual distinction in embodying our core philosophies of innovation, the human touch and active engagement has helped establish our company as a regional leader for providing products and services pertaining to the marine industry.

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