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we are committed to open dialogue. Building trust is important, especially when diverse corporate cultures come together. Industmarine practises open communication while being careful not to divulge commercially viable information.


Industmarine acknowledges and assumes responsibility for our actions, products and decisions. We are obligated to be answerable to our stakeholders through the full scope of our product and service delivery.

Integrity & respect for others

We insist on integrity and respect in all aspects of our business and expect the same in our relationships with all those with whom we do business.

We are considerate to all on cultural difference, position, race, age, gender, or any other type of distinction. This is the stepping stone to developing a truly international business future.

Legal Compliance

Industmarine is not only compliant with the business and general laws and regulations in Singapore but we are also aware of the development of international regulations and quickly adopt those that are relevant to our business.

Conflict of Interest

Employees must not enter into any situation in which their personal or financial interests may conflict with Industmarine’s business principles.

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Industmarine Engineers
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Industmarine Engineers’ continual distinction in embodying our core philosophies of innovation, the human touch and active engagement has helped establish our company as a regional leader for providing products and services pertaining to the marine industry.

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