How we select our principals

When it comes to delivering quality to our clients, we at Industmarine do not compromise. All our principals embody the six qualities below.

Quality – Our principals manufacture products of the finest quality and subjected to stringent checks.

Smallest footprint – We understand space constraints are inherent in most ships and offshore bases. Our principals ensure that their products and processes use as small a space as possible.

Greatest value for money – Our principals’ products ensure that clients can achieve significant cost savings throughout the life of the equipment; through our products, clients can achieve more for less – maximizing output and minimizing consumption.

Parts availability – Being global ensures a ready supply of parts to ensure timely replacement in case of maintenance and damage/ malfunction.

Robust equipment –built to withstand rough conditions and frequent handling at land or at sea, applications from 40 years ago are still functioning seamlessly today.

Strong research and continual development – Capable teams work internally and collaboratively to research new technologies and improve existing processes.

Auramarine paves your way to success

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Technology for living oceans

Pillar of innovation

Water mastery

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About Us
Industmarine Engineers’ continual distinction in embodying our core philosophies of innovation, the human touch and active engagement has helped establish our company as a regional leader for providing products and services pertaining to the marine industry.

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