Reconditioning and repairs

Choose from a myriad of service offerings to enhance the performance of your investment. These services can be performed either in our facilities or by our specialised service engineer onsite at your organisation depending on the nature of service requirement.

Expect competent, dependable and prompt delivery

We have built and gained a reputation for service excellence throughout these years simply because we listen; which is exactly why you have invested in us initially.

Depending on your requirements and operating conditions, we can offer:
  • Factory rebuilt equipment
  • Service re-conditioned equipment

How it benefits you:
  • Shorter delivery time, compared to a new machine
  • High cost/performance ratio
  • Manufacturer knowledge
  • Safety, quality, performance and warranty
  • Long serviceability
  • Reconditioning and repair

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Restore peak performance

Recover efficiency and peak performance with our complete overhauling and repair services for various equipment such as heat exchangers and separators. These services ensure equipment continues to deliver high efficiency and optimal performance.

Securing uptime when we call

Your investment in top operating condition is our priority. To help ensure that, you can depend on our highly qualified service team to aid in troubleshooting issues onsite.

Instilling confidence through training

We also offer comprehensive training onsite and inhouse to ensure your equipment continues to operate safely and efficiently and to avoid unplanned shutdowns. With the right tools and training, you can be confident your crew will have no problems when issues arise.

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