Centrifugal oil separator cleaner

All the ease, none of the hassle.

Fast effortless cleaning of separator discs stack translates to more uptime, longer equipment service life, lower total cost of ownership and greater profitability.

Available across Mitsubishi’s portfolio of centrifugal separators.

Not available
  • The MK-JET is closed-circulation type cleaner and requires no electrical power because it is driven by the air pressure given by the utility system.
  • A significant shortening of the cleaning process is achieved as it can wash and clean the inside of the oil purifier without the purifier having to be disassembled.
  • Designed to be easy to use and operate on board a ship, this cleaner is compact in size and weighs just 25 kg.
Model number    Applicable SJ-G / SJ-H series Model
MK-JET 35L SJ100G/GH - SJ150G/GH
SJ110H/HH - SJ220H/HH

The arduous, labour intensive process of disassembling purifier disc stacks can be alleviated using the Mitsubishi MK-Jet cleaner.

The MK-JET is a closed-circulation cleaning machine which enables oil purifiers to be washed and cleaned without having to be disassembled, thus minimising time consuming labour work and operation downtime.

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