APV plate heat exchangers

The epitome of efficiency.

SPX plate heat exchanger solutions will help you optimise energy consumption, minimise service downtime, and reduce your capital cost investment. Available over a wide range of duties.

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You get all the benefits
  • Improved performance
  • Longer life time of plate pack
  • Service easily done by crew on site saving both time and money

Graduated distribution area CornerLock® EasyClip®
Optimal distribution of media across plates maximise thermal performance and minimise required area. Perfect plate alignment providing superior plate pack stability. Thinner and more efficient plates without compromising mechanical strength. Improved stability of gasket means fast assembly and longer life time.
APV plate heat exchanger solutions are proven at sea.
Typical applications include:
  • Main and auxiliary engine coolers
  • Lubricating oil coolers
  • Tank heaters
  • Pre-heaters
  • Fuel oil coolers (MDO/MGO)
  • Heat recovery units

Efficient heat transfer processes for improved performance
- higher heat recovery means lower energy costs

Energy consumption and runtime are key parameters affecting production costs. Minimising energy consumption through more efficient process heat recovery is critical to profitability in the face of increasing energy costs.

Improving process performance and avoiding unscheduled stoppages can increase runtime. Both deliver immediate and significant cost savings that translate directly to the bottom line.

Solutions are based on a complete range of plate-type heat exchanger technologies including gasketed, semi-welded and welded plate heat exchangers. These range from high-capacity, heavy duty units to small, compact designs, and are available either as standard solutions or as customised units based on ground-breaking designs and a vast variety of materials.

APV heat exchangers may be supplied as standalone components or integrated into modules or complete systems.

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