Fuel oil often accounts for more than 40% of vessels operation costs making efficient combustion crucially important. Furthermore, good quality fuel oil prolongs engine life.

Lower your operating costs and safeguard your engine with our array of homogenisers.

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  • Reduction of fuel oil sludge
  • Increased burnable fuel amount with improved fuel efficiency
  • Improved combustion quality and reduced exhaust emissions
  • Reduced wear on engine components and reduced operational costs

Optimise your combustion

The Homogeniser is specifically designed to solve the uniformity problems ship owners and operators face when running on heavy fuel oil. There is no better chemical-free approach for best treatment of heavy fuel oil, water-in-fuel-emulsion and sludge.

The equipment incorporates a hermetically sealed magnetic coupling drive and special hard material combination, suitable for very high pressure and temperature applications.

How it works

The Homogeniser operates on the principles of mechanical shearing and ultrasonic forces. It utilises a special conical shaped milling gear, to generate high hydrodynamic power consisting of shearing, friction and acceleration forces with pressure waves of high frequency.

The high molecular asphaltenes, the existing cat-fines, remaining water etc. are homogenised into heavy fuel oil with maximum particle size of 5 µm.

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