Mitsubishi selfjector hercules series

Undisputed reliability, Irrefutable efficacy.

The characteristics that propel Mitsubishi Selfjectors as the leading centrifuge particulate separators worldwide in all applications across all industries.

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  • In addition to the standard type, H-HIDENS or SUPER HIDENS (optional) systems are available for processing low-grade fuel oils. (Note *1)
  • Offers lower environmental load than its predecessors.
  • A gear pump is fitted as standard for processing low-viscosity fuel oils.
  • Higher discharge pressure centripetal pump (25 m head) for processing light liquid allows for the application of our purifiers in larger vessels.
  • Compact design requires less installation space.
  • Higher-capacity models in line-ups for higher-output engines.

Note 1:
Purifying system for low-grade fuel oils with densities up to 1.01 @15°C. As opposed to the conventional method of directly measuring the water content of purified oil, the H-HIDENS purifier is capable of detecting water in the oil accumulated in the purifier bowl, thereby preventing water from mixing in with purified oil.

The SJ-H series caters for a wide range of applications: from purification of fuel, lubricating and hydraulic oils to the purification of the chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical products (sanitary versions).

With sales figures exceeding 90,000 units. Mitsubishi’s Selfjectors is justifiably the bestselling centrifugal disc type separators over the past 70 years.

The Mitsubishi Selfjector Hercules (SJ-H) Series, the latest edition of the Selfjector line, offers a more compact design yet improves efficiency in fine particulate removal and boosts a higher output than its predecessors.

This proven reliability and purification performance of fuel, mineral and lubrication oil separation appeals not only to the maritime industry but also to a wide array of industries requiring oil separation expertise.

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