Reverse osmosis watermaker - modular

Our high capacity modular units have all its main elements for water production conveniently installed on a common frame. Options such as feed water pre-treatment or potable water post-treatment can be fitted into the same frame upon request. Our modular range produces upward of 10 to 160 cubic metres/ day and more…

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we are able to manufacture reverse osmosis units for special use. Our customized units include:
  • Double pass RO to produce technical water
  • Modular units with special dimensions
  • Full automatic systems.
  • Explosion proof systems
  • Outdoor operation
  • Special materials.
Model / Membranes Production (L/H) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
PRO40M 40 3900 1500 2000
PRO62M 62 3900 1500 2000
PRO80M 80 4500 1650 2000
PRO120M 120 4500 1650 2000
PRO160M 160 4500 1650 2000

The main components of the system include:
  • Multimedia filter.
  • Fine filters.
  • High pressure pump.
  • Membranes rack.
  • Electrical control panel with salinometer.

How it works:

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