Breaking through separation technology frontiers

With the delivery of the 94,112th Mitsubishi oil separator marks the launch of the new Mitsubishi Hercules centrifugal separator, the 8th reiteration of its wildly successful Selfjector purifiers.

The core product in the Mitsubishi’s portfolio has been further improved in terms of separation efficiency, environmental and spatial footprint amongst other features.

All models in the lineup of the new SJ-H Series are more compact than the preceding SJ-G Series. In addition to the Standard Type, the lineup includes versions with the H-Hidens system, enabling the machine to handle low-grade heavy fuel oils by adopting a new integral algorithm control.

Another version with the Super Hidens system is also available and can discharge the water separated from the oil without requiring operator intervention to open and close the main cylinder. The SJ-H Series purifiers are designed to be the environment-conscious products sought after today to minimise sludge discharge volume after oil purification treatment.

The leading features of the SJ-H Series are as listed below:

• Larger treating capacity than its predecessor, the SJ-Genius series Largest capacity model of the SJ-H series can handle 22,500 L/hr (at 380 mm2/s @ 50℃), bigger than the 14,500 L/hr capacity of the largest model in the preceding series.
• The SJ-H Series machines are compact and lightweight, reducing installation space by 20 percent compared with the preceding models.
• By employing a rotating bowl of reduced size with increased displacement efficiency, the total sludge discharge volume is reduced by 30 percent compared with the preceding models.
• The SJ-H Series has versions of the H-Hidens system, the same as the preceding series, enabling treating low-grade, high-density fuel oils. The H-Series offers reinforced system control by introducing a new algorithm control to further decrease the total sludge discharge volume.
• The SJ-H Series has versions with the Super Hidens system in its lineup, enabling the discharge of separated water accumulated in the rotating bowl automatically without the operator opening the main cylinder (valve), even when treating oil with higher water content exceeding the property requirement of ISO 8217 (0.5 vol.%).
• The SJ-H Series employs the pilot valve system, which has been adopted and proven in the 50,000 units of the Mitsubishi Selfjector already delivered.
• Every model of the Series has a standard gear pump for processing low-viscosity fuel oils.
• The SJ-H Series is equipped with a multi-monitor that clearly displays more information items than preceding models to enable easy monitoring.

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MKK Started Shipping Mitsubishi Selfjector's New Hercules Series

On July 1 2015, Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd. (MKK; President; Kikuo Yamanaka) shipped the first unit of a new series of the Mitsubishi Selfjector, MKK's mainline product, for delivery to a Japanese shipyard. The Mitsubishi Selfjector purifies oils, using a centrifugal rotary disc to separate impurities. The new series is named the Mitsubishi Selfjector-Hercules Series (SJ-H Series).

In 1942, over 70 years ago, the first Mitsubishi oil purifier machine completed development and was marketed. Since then, MKK has continued to maximise the machine's performance in liquid and solids separation and removal, which depends on interaction between strong centrifugal forces generated by a high-speed rotating bowl and separating disc plates.

Credit to MKK's continuing work to improve performance, the Mitsubishi Selfjector has now found wider applications to remove impurities from fuels and lubrication oils for small to large marine engines and land use diesel engines operating in industrial fields to reliably protect engines from operational problems, resulting in ensuring stable factory operations. The Mitsubishi Selfjector is very popular today among users who affectionately call it OP (oil purifier) or SJ (Selfjector).

The first unit of the SJ-H Series, which is the eighth-generation Mitsubishi Selfjector series, was shipped from the MKK Kawasaki Plant to a Japanese shipyard on July 1, 2013, the 94,112th oil purifier MKK has produced.

The SJ-H Series maintains the reputable high stability and reliability of the preceding series, the Mitsubishi Selfjector-Genius Series (SJ-G Series), and offers more features for greater stability by integrating new technologies that help to generate bigger centrifugal force and raise the efficiency of the separating disc plates, thus improving the machine while lowering running costs.

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