Reduced maintenance costs, simplified maintenance work and increased safety.

In 2014, Auramarine was contacted by the Finnish passenger traffic company Viking Line. The company aimed to reduce maintenance costs and simplify maintenance work, as well as increase safety in the engine room on M/S Gabriella.

We jointly drafted a plan to achieve these targets. The solution was to upgrade the fuel oil pumps of her fuel supply units to magnetic coupled pumps. The new magnetic coupled pumps and the upgrade were supplied by Auramarine as a turn‐key installation.

“We are very satisfied with the upgrade project. The whole process was executed professionally from start to finish. We are happy to recommend Auramarine for these kinds of projects,” stated Mr. Kenneth Holmqvist (above), Chief Engineer of MS Gabriella.

“The pump upgrade project was a success: the maintenance costs of M/S Gabriella are now lower than before,” says Mr Tatu Laurila (on the right), Purchasing Manager of Viking Line.

Viking Line’s decision was motivated by lower maintenance needs for the magnetic coupled pumps compared to pumps with mechanical seals. The mechanical seals need to be periodically replaced as they are prone to wear and may be damaged from particles or impurities in the pumped fluid. This increases the operational costs of the vessel through spare part needs and additional workload to the crew.

Auramarine planned the installation to suit the vessels operations. The upgrade was done while the vessel was in port between daily cruises in December 2014 and it took a couple of days. The new pumps have now been in operation for more than 12 months and Viking Line’s experts are convinced that the upgrade was successful.

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