Water mastery

Pomar Water S.L. is a company formed by a group of people who have a vast experience of more than 25 years in the business of water treatment and production. Our solutions apply to the maritime, offshore, civil and industrial sectors for the purpose of drinking water treatment, irrigation water and industrial processes.

Our solutions surpass quality standards and contribute to clean and responsible solutions for the environment with the objective to provide our clients with the best support.

Water is life

Water is the main element in many of the industrial processes. From liquid waste to technical or drinking water, our vast experience acquaints us the necessities to fulfil customers’ demands.

Pomar Water equipment is manufactured to satisfy a plethora of different client specifications and requirements, ensuring the maximum flexibility with the minimum maintenance. We offer a wide range of products, with standard or customised designs for the productions and treatment of water on board of any type of vessel or oil rig.

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